2012 Workers’ Compensation in the Federal Workplace Conference Conference MaterialsSession Photo

We’re excited to announce that the Workers' Compensation in the Federal Workplace Conference will become part of the expanded program and focus of the 2013 Federal Workplace Conference

Why change a good thing? To make it even better by giving you an “all federal” training experience with more educational sessions in 4 additional program tracks: Employee Relations, Human Capital Management, Labor Relations and EEO.  

The robust Workers’ Comp track is central to our enhanced program and will deliver the same type and quality of sessions you’ve come to rely on at the Workers’ Compensation in the Federal Workplace Conference including:

  • FECA Training Full-day workshop!
  • ECAB Case Law Update
  • Can You Hear Me Now? Helping Injured Employees Make Better Decisions
  • Reducing Repetitive Stress Injuries Through Ergonomic Modifications
  • Addressing Violence in the Federal Workplace
  • Making Fraud Investigations Pay Off
  • Bringing Injured Employees Back to Work – Not Always Easy, But Rewarding
  • Safety Matters: Taking Your Program to the Next Level
  • When Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Ripen Into
    Workers' Compensation Claims
  • 10 Things Union Reps Can Do to Make the Claims Process Run More Smoothly

Visit www.FedHRTraining.com for details.

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